Saturday, April 30, 2016

Better Business Bureau Warnings about Summer Jobs

Summer is almost upon us and countless folks are looking for ways to earn extra income. There are new individuals in the marketplace competing for the same work from home jobs as the rest of us. The new college graduate, stay at home parents with extra time on hand, retirees and of course students looking to make a little money this time of year. Along with people joining the summer workforce, there are evil doers out there looking to scam and manipulate innocent individuals.  The Better Business Bureau is warning to be on the lookout for confidence artists and know the difference between an honest job opportunity and a decoy.

How to spot them

It is very simple for these rip off artists to swindle someone into their trust if a person is not aware. The biggest tip off says president of the BBB is an offer which is simply "too good to be true".  She is talking about big money offers for minimal work, no experience necessary or working from home with wonderful hours. This does not mean there are offers in the marketplace with some of these characteristics, but the majority of business opportunities do not fit into all of these categories rolled into on.

Numerous people admit to simply having a "nagging" feeling of something amiss and avoiding disaster. If in doubt about a business, do not go ahead with the venture. Contact the right authorities for advice on the legit or not.

The way in for the tricksters is generally through an online job offer as mentioned previously. Though, other sources included phishing scamming via email and even phone stings. 

Examples of some of the swindles 

Along with giving the public warning of these crooks the BBB has also identified some examples the office has been made aware of;

Payment transfer cheat

This is one which has been around for a couple of years. The mark is targeted by crooks and asked builds up a confidence or trust. For a simple favor there is a payment in gratitude. Eventually there is a need for the workers bank account number for direct deposit of funds. Of course the employer only needs a portion of the monies and the worker is able to keep the difference for going to all the trouble to help.

What actually takes place is the bank account info is gathered and monies stolen from the workers account by the new employer.. Some even go further by sending a bogus check which means wire fraud and theft are charges against innocent persons. 

Personally Invited

The cheat sends out a mass email to accounts purchased from other unscrupulous employers to people interested in finding a job. The recipient has been personally chosen for the job. They will admit to seeing resumes on the web and other flattery. Miraculously there is a perfect match for the job you seek. Simply fill out and easy application with the company and get started.

Form ask for personal info. These include but are not limited to social security numbers, address, bank account numbers and even mother's maiden name..Do not fall for it. If a valid company is mentioned at anytime, call the business to verify.

Great work abroad

Looking to work in exotic spots like Italy or the South of France for the summer? These are promised made and never kept by the con. The trick on this one is promising these out of country dream jobs and the local company is asking for a simple referral fee for setting everything they do to assure you get the job.

Business do hire outside of the country. Though, companies with legit work do not charge for referral fees or any sort of money up front. Additionally, any one using a post office box for sending payment is not representing a valid company. Most people ask why work with a middle man instead of the business directly?

Verification process

This one works like this. The trickster is looking for any and all personal info you give to them. They ask for mother's maiden name, bank account info, etc. Any material they are able to gather to start a case of identity theft or robbery is where this one is headed.

The reason given for needing this info is a driver's license or passport is not enough to verify an identity for this particular company. Walk away as quickly as possible from this one.

How to find out if a business is legit

Being proactive is a good place to begin. The easiest is check for a company website. Though some cons go as far as to make a fake one, most will not. No website generally means no company. 

One tip given by the BBB was surprising. They have advised to look out for jobs with generic titles. Thieves have flocked toward job titles such as secret shoppers or care giver. There are more than a few actual jobs these these titles, but most are not hiring via another company.

An enormous give away is most of the con men are not capable of being professional enough.

Too overzealous in pursuit

Hiring managers who simply will not take no for an answer generally deserve a closer look. Most workers are actively pursuing work and tend to be the aggressor in the job search. A balance tilting in the other direction with a sort of frenzy feel to it it not normal. 

Out of country jobs or foreign sounding names of businesses who simply cannot take no for an answer from you are big giant red alert.

Resources for help
Remember- The BBB is always there to lend a helping hand. There have been thousands identified and in the enormous database of info the office has on hand. Contact the Better Business Bureau for assistance.

Every state has an Attorney General's Office which is able to investigate a possible swindle not yet identified by the BBB. The phone number and address are accessible. Scores of folks who have contacted the State Attorney General's Office have been fundamental in stopping cheats by bringing suspected issues to the state authorities for investigation.

In conclusion

Employment changes and opportunities are big changes in any individual's life. Take the time to investigate and do the homework before diving in head first. Countless people have been taken advantage of simply because an extra ten minute inquiry was overlooked.

There are several sources listed here which are a great place to start and are free of change. Follow natural instincts if all else fails. Those feelings in the pit of the stomach are for flight or fight. Take heart if this one turns out to be a bust because of a scam, another will come along eventually.


Sunday, August 16, 2015

Write Greeting Cards at Home for a Living

There are all sorts of folks working from home in this age of technology. There are literally hundreds of thousands of ideas to explore for anyone interested in earning money via a work from home business opportunity. Although the choices are many, each one is not for everyone. Success begins with bringing together the right person with the right idea. Education and info is power in this area. Making an informed decision when choosing a niche is one of the key ingredients to making things turn out right.

One of the best ways to discover a good fit for an individual is to investigate a variety of ideas. An innovative notion for earning terrific monies is writing greeting cards. This is a concept overlooked quite a bit and one of the easiest ways to create a start up based from home. The overhead is inexpensive, education minimal and the experience is not as much as most believe. Take a good look at what goes into beginning this work from home business opportunity. 

Writing Greeting Cards for a Living

This is an interesting idea. How about creating a greeting card for a company? This is a brief overview on how to get this sort of concept going. This is only one of millions of notions in the niche.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

How to Start a Tree Trimming Business

This is a wonderful way to spend your time for the individual who loves the outdoors, is not afraid of heights and lives in a place where trees are abundant. Believe it or not there is an enormous need for the service and it pays wonderful in countless places around the globe.

America is not the exception. More than a few of our states have hundreds of thousands of trees and all need a little loving care. The overhead is low, the pay is high and the skills needed are few. 

In areas where trees are found in great quantity the work is done at the request of a homeowner, the city and for some the federal government. Even companies want their grounds looking immaculate and will hire the right guy for the job.

Getting started is not as difficult as most people believe. Take a look at what the average work at home tree trimmer needs to get started. 

Start a work at home tree trimming business

Moms Looking to Work from Home

Employment opportunities for those folks choosing to stay home are abundant in recent years. More and more people are taking their second career in this direction, people wanting a little extra money and especially stay at home moms. With this being said, sometimes the jobs that work for one circumstance do not pan out for another. Stay and home mothers are a category to themselves and for good reason. 

Moms searching for work to do at home will discover some wonderful online material developed specifically for them. This is a good read for any mom (or dad) staying home with the kiddies, but needing the extra income.

Top Jobs for Stay Home Moms

thank you to a wonderful author, Katina Davenport

Monday, August 3, 2015

Stay at Home Jobs in Britain

This particular article I ran across the other day. The remarkable thing that jumped out at me was the author took the time to focus on people in the UK. This is wonderful Most of the material around the web is written and developed for Americans.
There are tons of terrific work at home opportunities for other nations and folks around the world as well. Find out more about jobs in the home specifically for the UK.

Great Work from Home Jobs for UK residents