Thursday, January 27, 2011

10 Reasons Why You Are Not Making Money Online Yet

This is a article that keeps it "real" when it comes to making money online. This young guru has been successful at doing just that and shares tips, information and inspiration in a different format and voice than the usual marketeer.

Wondering Why You Haven’t Made Any Money Online?

My biggest site to date has been – which has received millions of visitors! I often come across big name marketers, bloggers and even the odd guru who told me they started their make money online journey at which is of course quite amazing and humbling considering I was a teenager and seriously dyslexic at the time.
Recently I was speaking to one of my readers from those early days and I asked them why help them so much. His answer surprised me a little – but it appears my Richest Young Internet Entrepreneurs post inspired him so much he would come back twice a day to look at the same post – as he wanted to be on that list so much!
There are loads of reasons I could of added to this post such as, Everyone’s trying to be something they’re not, Wasting To Much Doing Rubbish and so many more.
Well it is nice to know people like your content — but more importantly it is essential that people take action on your content. Reading a post is great and FOCUSING on success is essential but unless you take action on that FOCUS you are wasting your time / day dreaming.
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