Wednesday, January 12, 2011

start your own software company in your spare time

this information is from a email i received concerning starting your own software company in your spare time. there is no cost involved. the supposedly "197.00" package is free. they have enclosed a video tutorial. please review and provide any feedback relevant. thank you

I posted a new video training tutorial for you. It's Video #7 of my "11 Sources of Non-Stop Traffic" training series. Technically speaking it's a 58 minute version of a video previously only available as part of a $197.00 package. But don't worry... You get it for free. The official title of the video is... "How You Can Start Your Own Software Company In Your Spare Time... Starting Today... And You Don't Even Need To Know Anything About Software Programming... Because Thousands Of Open Source Programmers Are Willing To Do All The Programming Work For You... For Free!"

Watch the video here: Download the PDF slides here:

Enjoy! Jeff Johnson

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