Monday, February 28, 2011

Work from Home Performing Your Current Job

One work from home opportunity that should be considered for those that are currently working in an office is doing your current job from home.

There are many of us that could in fact perform our jobs from home instead of commuting to the office daily. Imagine waking up and not having to go through that routine of getting everybody out of the house and trekking to the office to do a job that you could actual perform at home.

Working from home presents you with opportunities that can save you valuable dollars that may be used for other resources in your household, while at the same time bringing in the identical income you earn each payday.

Benefits and advantages to you working from home
1.       Savings on gas and fuel
2.       Save wear and tear on your vehicle if you drive
3.       You don’t have to go out in adverse weather if you commute by public transportation
4.       Not missing work because children are out sick from school, school holidays where daycare must be adjusted
5.       Adequate daycare needs are provided by you(without interference in your job)
6.       Working your own hours. You are still working your eight hours per day, many times not typical nine to five
7.       More time spent with family
8.       Time spent commuting can be spent doing more constructively in your home or with family
9.       Less time away from job for personal appointments
10.   Tax savings can sometimes be had. Visit with your CPA to determine what is available for you

The biggest obstacle is convincing your employer that it is beneficial to them to allow you to work from your home. When you make the decision to discuss this decision, have all of your ducks in a row and the chances of success are greater.

The first thing to determine is if you can actually perform your job at home. If you are a toll booth worker, no amount of twisting or turning is going to make this a work at home opportunity. However, there are many office jobs that can be done from home.

Have a plan to work from home, not a request to work from home to present to your employer.
To begin with your employer several directions should be followed in order to make your application or proposal successful. 

Begin with these tips:

1.       Have an attention grabbing opening statement. Work with this. Critique it. Put yourself in your employer’s shoes, not yours. Do you have an attention grabbing opening statement?

2.       Outline the benefits to the company. Examples would be sick days saved, more work accomplished because…give examples. Less work missed for personal appointments. More time for …. These are things your employer wants to hear. What are they receiving from you working at home?

3.       Have a schedule of your daily tasks and commitments so your employer actual knows you will be working for them from home and not doing your laundry

4.       Propose a schedule for these tasks and commitments

5.       Have a method to measure your productivity for the company while working from home

6.       Describe your value to the company as an employee

7.       Have a home based environment for working from home. Your home office space should be detailed to your employer. This would include equipment you have such as fax machines, printers, Skype, etc.

8.       Be very capable of answering any questions your employer is asking. Design a list of questions you feel they may ask and practice your answers.

9.       This is similar to an interview and selling yourself to the company as an outsourcer or home based business entrepreneur.

All of these things will give you a leg up on your employer saying yes to your proposal.  Take it very seriously and be prepared.

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