Friday, March 4, 2011

Medical Transcriptionists are one of the Fastest Growing Work from Home Jobs

Are you searching for a work at employment that you can find satisfying? There are numerous advertisements online that indicate you can make up to $80 an hour for typing. Almost all of these are a scam. However, if you are interested in typing as a source of work at home income, you may want to try medical transcription employment opportunities.

The U.S. Department of Labor has estimated that there will be an increase of 11% for work at home transcriptionists by 2018. This is among the fastest growing job fields for work at home employment.
This is an ideal situation to have a very stable career from home. If you do decide this is the journey you wish to embark on, you will need certification for the job. Depending up who you will have a clients whether that’s physician clinics, hospitals, other health care facilities or other healthcare providers will determine what training will be needed.

There are some facilities that may require you to have months of onsite training at their facility prior to working from home. There are numerous online facilities that offer the training needed and certification. Many of these schools also provide job assistance and support with crafting a successful resume, interviewing and uncovering job leads. This is great because you have your training and someone to vouch for your working niche.
After you have received your certification join a professional association for medical transcriptionist. This is wonderful for connecting with other professionals in your working circles. One association to consider is AHDI-Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity.

Contact doctors and clinics in your area if you would like to search for your own client base. Many clinics outsource their medical transcription jobs. You may be pleasantly surprised to find out that one in your area has work for you. In addition, by visiting with doctors and clinics in your area, you will uncover what they are searching for in their medical transcription work.

If you want to gain experience to boost your resume, you may offer to work for a clinic at a discounted rate for a couple of months part time while searching for the ideal employer or client listing.
Make sure you take the extra step to become certified. Certification on your resume is better than frosting on cake. This will add credentials and alert employers how serious you are about your career as a medical transcriptionist.

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