Friday, May 27, 2011

The Ups And Downs Of A Work At Home Business

If someone is considering a work at home job situation they should look at it realistically, considering the disadvantages as well as the advantages. Here are some work at home issues that should be seriously considered.

The advantages of work at home business include reduction of stress, improvement in morale, improvement in work satisfaction and increased motivation. A work at home atmosphere can often reduce interruptions (though without setting up rules and boundaries for family, friends and neighbors this wont be the case), greater focus on work which means improved productivity not only in work volume but reduced time to get the same amount of work completed.

If someone works at home, the employee or entrepreneur generally saves money on food, clothes, gas, parking and auto insurance. Statistics show that the cost of the average work commute costs approximately $10,000 a year. Depending on the length of time the worker or entrepreneur spent commuting to work each day, she or he may have another 10 or more free hours each week if working from home.

This position often resolves a trailing spouse problem if the spouse is allowed to telework for her or his current employer. One of the things most employees express as of paramount importance in their at home job situation is the flexibility to take care of their families and spend more quality time with their loved ones.

Disabled persons who cant commute easily or are agoraphobic can especially benefit from this home business opportunities.

A work at home situation can have its drawbacks, especially if one doesnt carefully consider his or her temperament and the likelihood that it will be enjoyable. Work from home can cause problems with non-teleworking coworkers, especially if they have been turned down for this situation. It will reduce the teleworkers social interaction and if that worker doesnt make concerted efforts to get out of the house and mingle socially she or he can start to suffer from loneliness. For those who work for an employer at home they have to make more of an effort not to be forgotten when the time comes for promotions, special projects, bonuses, contests, meetings and so forth. Without the effort of the teleworker, the coworkers and the supervisor out of sight can be truly out of mind. And this can be career death.

Its crucial that the person who has a work at home situation be able to stay on task without immediate supervision and can avoid the refrigerator and other distractions. 

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