Monday, July 18, 2011

In Home Massage Therapist

Therapeutic massage in a home setting provides an extremely calming and tranquil atmosphere and surrounding to let a patient’s cares melt away or it can help with medical conditions where medications have failed. Having the care provided in your home setting is very attractive for a lot of patients. In home massage therapist offer a promising career opportunity for the right person. 

Therapeutic massage does require certification and licensing requirements for many states. Check with your local community to determine what the individual requirements are. Some will require massage therapist to even be zoned by their city council for providing these services in their home.

Many massage therapists that have made the decision to work from home may have formerly worked with other service providers and determined that working independently offered more for them professionally as well as personally.

Chiropractors are the number one provider that typically will have a massage therapist on staff. However, you can also find them with mental health providers, physicians, pain management clinics and on staff at hospitals. There are massage clinics where all of the providers on staff are massage therapist in many cities and towns.

Many times making the decision to work from home will initially present an issue because you have to build up a list of clients. You can do so with advertising, word of mouth, family and friends and other sources. When you leave a practice with another provider you may have an issue of not being able to take your clients with you depending upon criteria outlined in your contract with the provider.        

One important factor with the profession of massage therapy is that you are helping people in a very positive manner. You are providing a valuable service without the aid of medication in most cases and the horrible or undesired side effects that accompany it.

A very positive attribute to massage therapy is that no one seeks out simply one massage. You will build a client list and receive repeat business continually. You can typically make your own hours and see patient’s by appointment only which makes this work from home business very attractive.

There is not a large investment in equipment needed to begin your business and any room that provides a calming or relaxing atmosphere can be used for servicing customers or clients. There are some therapists that work from home by taking the massage to the client’s home. There is no rule that doesn’t say you cannot do both with your business.

Considering massage therapy? You can make a nice living from it and not all of your patients are ill. There are more positives than negatives surrounding this profession and you should take advantage of them all.         

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