Saturday, July 9, 2011

Rebate Processing Work at Home

There are tons of work from home jobs offered online in this day and age and many turn out to be less than truthful or scams. However, there are some legitimate sources of income for those that want to work from home and rebate processing is one of them.

This post will offer a way to find genuine rebate processing jobs that you can do from home and avoid any scams that you may encounter in your search for this particular employment.

Make yourself knowledgeable about work from home scams and identifying them. (work from home scams). This article will provide you with some very useful information in identifying scammers in the work from home arena.

Know that there is actual work from home job scammers online. Though many of these websites seem real and genuine, they are actually manufactured to rope you in and take money and time away from those seeking actual work from home jobs. Testimonials seem sincere and honest, but they are created to take advantage of honest people searching for employment.

Any work from home jobs that are seeking money or payment upfront should be a red flag to you that they may not be an authentic work from home job opportunity. Rebate processing jobs that indicate you can earn up to thousands of dollars each day are more than likely affiliate marketing processing jobs. Affiliate marketing is selling someone else’s product for a commission. Affiliate market processing can earn you quite a bit of money. However, thousands of dollars for each day you work isn’t achievable for the average worker or experience with affiliate marketing.

Rebate processing jobs are fairly simple jobs that can be performed at home. Generally you are checking UPC numbers to verify they match and some data entry is involved. Although these jobs don’t pay thousands of dollars each day, you can make a little extra money for your pocket.

Typically rebate processing jobs will pay per rebate processed. The average reimbursement is around 20 cents per rebate handled. You definitely won’t get rich quickly, but a little extra cash can be made depending upon how many you can complete per day. There are some rebate processing employers that will pay per hour rather than per rebate. The hourly salaries are close to the minimum wage for most rebate processors or a pay rate that falls in line with typical data processing work.

Most of the rebate processing jobs can be found through websites that link employers and employees up together. For example, or can help you find employers that are searching for rebate processors. Several large rebate processors can be contacted directly for employment opportunities being offered. If you are searching for rebate processing jobs, check out companies such as Continental Promotions (CPG). CPG processes rebates for companies such as Lowes and Parago.
Rebate processing jobs won’t provide thousands of dollars per day, but you can put extra cash in your pocket with this type of work from home prospect.

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