Friday, July 29, 2011

Work at Home

Work at home is a work at home site full of job opportunities for those choosing to work out of the home. Choosing to work at home can be life changing a little frightening for some. However, knowing where to find legitimate jobs is half of the battle. If you haven’t already developed your own work at home business, look into  for positions that may fit into your needs and wants.
This particular website delivers a no cost pre-screened work at home jobs. Although the site is supported by ads, there is legitimate work at home opportunities. The site also includes a work at home scam page.

Some of the job categories include;

·         Work at home translators
·         Accounting jobs
·         Telephone jobs
·         Customer service jobs
·         Survey jobs
an many more

They have a Facebook page and additional resources that work at home employees may find useful. There are tips that are useful such as cross referencing validation of your work at home business. The site indicates things such as searching several different sites for the same information. If you believe an employment opportunity may be work at home scam or work at home scammers, you can check for the name of the company at more than one place. For example, check their information out with the Better Business Bureau as well as the Department of Justice, FBI or other reliable source for work at home scams.

The Work At Home Careers Site does have a listing of some legitimate sites they have vetted and stand by for great opportunities.

Take a look at the site and give it the once over. There are great tips and tools for nearly anything tied to working at home job opportunities.

If you have had an occasion to work with this particular site, let the rest of us know what you have received from it if anything. Thank you

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