Saturday, August 27, 2011

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I am a big reader and love books. Unfortunately, the bad thing about hardback and paperback books is one you have read them you typically don’t have much use for them anymore. They take up space for storage and many times are simply in the way. There may be a few that you want to hold on to, but the majority of books that you have already read are no good to you anymore. I just don’t feel good about simply throwing them out. Once a year I have a garage sale and dump a lot of them, but many times I simply have them stored in boxes or as many as I can stored on my bookshelf.

With the Kindle Reader and other forms of newer technology there aren’t a lot of book worms left that read paper forms of books and simply keep them laying around. However, not everyone has hopped on the technology bus and there are a lot of readers in the world that still want to feel the pages through their fingertips.

There is a way besides garage sales to recoup some of the money you shell out for those books called

How does it work?

It's Basically Four Easy Steps:
  • ·         Type the ISBN's from your good condition books into the form above (look on the back cover, above the barcode). Press the Enter key after each ISBN. Click 'price my books' for a quote. (View examples of books we buy)
  • ·         Give us your contact information and payment preference by going through Checkout. We offer payment via check or PayPal.
  • ·         Ship your books to us for FREE. Print a label right from your computer, or we will mail you labels. Specific instructions are provided after submitting your books to sell.
  • ·         Get Paid, FAST! We will mail you a check, or pay you via PayPal, within 3 business days after we receive and process your books. checks out with the BBB and I haven’t found any complaints on the web just yet. I haven’t used the service myself, but plan to do so in the near future. If anyone has used their services, please share your information with the rest of us interested in and recycling some of our paper books that we still have around the house. does have a website available with a FAQ section that can address a lot of questions you may have concerning their services.

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