Thursday, September 1, 2011

BzzAgent-Product Testing Site

This is my work from home blog posting site, but I ran across this particular information that I wanted to share with the same audience.  Bzzagent is a wonderful product testing site that allows you to test products, provide feedback and spread information via word of mouth and keep the products that you happen to test. Some of these are pretty great and depending upon what product they have for you to test can really come in helpful.
This is becoming a pretty popular site because the products and companies that you are testing for are rather popular.  After testing many of their products, the company will continue to send you products.

You can select from products or categories of products you would like to test. These include things you are already using around the house such as toilet paper, toothpaste, shampoo or even candy. These aren't trial sizes of products. These are actual product sizes purchased in the pharmacy or grocery store.

You don’t receive an actual monetary payment for testing their products. However, you do get to keep the products you test. Products aren’t sent in trial size because some test products they may want you to use for a matter of weeks before providing feedback and for you to get a great feel for providing valid feedback.
BzzAgent provides their test products for residents of U.S., U.K. and Canada only. Sign up is simple and easy to become a BzzAgent, create a profile from answering questions provided and select the campaigns you would like to participate in.  Your opinion of products can be made through Twitter, Facebook, word of mouth or your personal blog.

Explanations of how to deliver feedback for the products are stipulated by BzzAgent and detailed for you to follow. They do honestly want great feedback so if you don’t like the product or can provide ways to improve it, let them know.

This is a great opportunity for those little extras if you have some time on your hands

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