Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Staying Motivated While Working from Home

When you are starting a home business you are full of enthusiasm. The prospect of being your own boss and an entrepreneur is exciting and motivating. However, after working at home you can start to lose that energy level that you had at the beginning. These are ways to regain that energy and stay motivated during those times when you begin to wan.

Remind yourself of what going right-it’s very easy to look at the negative and lose your energy and motivation. However, look at everything that is going right. Stay focused on the positive things happening in and around your business and new lifestyle.

Look at the big picture-there is a big picture in any small business strategy. Remind yourself of what the business can and will bring you. This vision is something that gets lost when you have your nose to the grindstone and are toiling away for your every dollar. Take a deep breath and see the big picture.

List motivating factors-when you start your small business remember why you decided to begin this voyage in the first place. Did you want to spend more time with your family? Did you want to turn a fun hobby into more money? Are you retired and want to make more money? Keep yourself motivated.

Find professional help or support-finding professional help or gurus for your niche can be effective. These are people that have it down pat and can assure you of what you are doing right or if you need to make changes. Additionally, support is needed for countless work at home employment opportunities because you may find yourself spending long hours along. There are physical support groups in some communities that meet on a regular basis or join a forum to network with others that are in the same position you are. Keep yourself motivated.

Get a change of scenery or pace- numerous work from home employment opportunities are great, but your work life and home life begin to overlap each other at times and you may find you don’t get a break for either. Get a change of scenery and move away from both from time to time. Go out and have some fun. See a movie or go bowling, you deserve it.

Change the way you feel and look-you can change the way you feel sometimes by changing the way we look. If you have gotten into a groove of wearing your sweatpants and sweatshirt every day while you work, change your attire. Buy a colorful shirt and wear a pair of slacks tomorrow. Get a new haircut. Sometimes these subtle changes can make a difference. Stay motivated.

Change your surroundings-if you are in an office that isn’t bright and sunny it can zap your energy. Working in a dark office isn’t much different from working in a dark office for another big company. You are your own boss and want to make your new workspace comfortable. Get a plan for your office, get new curtains. 
Remember this is your office and you can do and make it anything you want. How about a little music?

These are tips and techniques that can keep the energy flowing when you feel it leaving. These are ways to keep motivated working from home.

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