Thursday, December 29, 2011

Selling Avon Review as a Work at Home Opportunity

Many people have considered Avon as a work from home opportunity. Avon has been in the business for a number of years and is a well-recognized product. These are only several of the benefits of selling Avon.

Avon is an opportunity or source of selling that has a lot of benefits that are going for it. Avon is caters to everyone in the family. This means you have products that are available from the newborn baby to grandma and grandpa. Avon has been an industry leader for a decades and generations. Avon has endured for this period of time because they have changed as well as kept pace with the changing faces of their customers.

Avon products range from bath and body shower gels to bathrobes and wrist watches. They have a catalog or brochure that comes out often along with running promotions and sale items on many of their products.

Some of the things that have kept the Avon company name in place for many years may also be the reason why as an investment it may not be a great opportunity for a stay at home business. Depending on what you are searching for in a stay a home business, several things should be considered when selling Avon.

Avon is popular and familiar because they have hundreds of thousands of representatives. This means that some one knows someone that is always selling Avon. This means competition for the product is brutal. Not only do you have to compete with salesmen in person the web is also a place where customers can buy Avon.

They have been in the business for generations and there are actually products that your mother and grandmother purchased when they were your age that are still being sold by the company.
Having promotions and sales often is good for the customer, but these may be bad for you. Earning a commission is great when the price is high. However, 40% of a dollar isn’t much.
That being said we come to the most interesting point of the post, cost. What does it cost to sell Avon and what do I see as far as income in my wallet.

As an Avon representative you do have to pay for the brochures. This is a startup cost factor that many home based business owners don’t see. Additionally, because brochures change often you will find you will need to purchase brochures often. How many should you buy? If you buy too many you are left footing the bill for the overage. If you don’t buy enough then you could lose out on sales.

Earnings according to several sources I have researched are different depending on what type of product you sell. Sales for products that are licensed, such as clothing or household goods is 20%. As a new representative you will earn 40% off of the first four brochures (one campaign) which is usually 2 months of time for a total order of over $50. All other campaigns will net you 20% or more. The more comes in when you order total increases. Increases are generally at 5 percent increments for each $200 dollar more in sales. Your income peaks at 50% which can be reached for orders more than $1500. One single order of more than $1500 is difficult to come by.

The overall review for selling Avon as a work at home resource is not terribly good or terribly bad. Many people have noted the most benefits are seen with people that use the products often; you receive a personal discount of 35% and for those that would like to make a nice little side income that is many times nothing to write home about.

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