Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How to Become a Work at Home Travel Agent

The hospitality and travel area of business operations is enormous. One of the best advantages that many people have realized after investigating this area as a career opportunity is the number of options that are available for anyone that has an interest in working from home. How to become a work at home travel agent is not as difficult as many believe.

The primary role of a travel agent is to make their client’s travel as comfortable as possible. They want to make certain that their customers have a wonderful experience at the best possible cost. Travel agents can certainly perform this role as a work at home business.

A number of people prefer to have someone else do all of the work involved with making travel plans. They are happy to pick a destination and have all of the work surrounding getting there, enjoying their stay with as little complications as possible and returning home to someone else. They are also willing to pay for the privilege.

Not only do travel agents create a customized plan of travel getting clients to and from destinations, but they can also be responsible for everything in between. This includes rental cars, where the best restaurants are in the area of travel, night clubs and local events. If clients are going out of country travel agents will also arrange for visas and passports in nearly all cases.

Work at home travel agent specialties
As a businessperson creating a work at home travel business, there are a number of specialty options to choose from. You can create a work from home leisure travel, business travel, medical travel, destination travel business and many more.

Work at home travel agent clients
Becoming a travel agent working out of the home is an extremely well based business plan for the work at home financier. Not only can you work from home for personal clients, you can also have clientele that includes corporations, hotels, holiday resorts, cruise lines and even travel groups.

Work at home travel business resources
The resources that can be used with a home based travel business include online resources as well as books on travel, travel magazines, travel journals and other sources of material for traveling destinations and information surrounding traveling. There are a number of agents that will even visit destinations themselves so they have a more fine-tuned and personal feel to the information or advice they provide customers and clients.
Work at home travel agent education
Travel agents building their work at home business will need at a minimum a high school diploma or GED. Many agents opt for formal training to ensure they are providing the best possible service and to build a credibility assurance for clients as well as expertise. Nearly all of the home based business travel agency will be performed using a computer and the internet. Community colleges and vocational schools are a wonderful source of education for travel agents. A bachelor’s degree in travel hospitality is generally obtained or travel agents can opt for credentials such as Certified Travel Agent (CTA) as well as Certified Travel Counselor.

There are a number of courses available for travel agents that include full time, part time evening and online. Distance programs are provided by the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA).

Some of the training on how to become a home based travel agent may include making presentations to large groups of individuals. Presentations may be made in person or using resources such as Skype. Presentations to travel groups and companies may be necessary to obtain new clients or as a travel business expands and a client base grows.  

Salaries for work from home travel agents
This is one of the biggest legit work from home businesses with an annual salary starting at a medium of a little more than $30,000 a year to start. Depending on the whether or not a specialty is chosen or as a client base grows will reflect how fast a salary can increase for this home based business.

Work at home employment opportunities have certainly grown by leaps and bounds with our current economy. A lot of people are investigating legitimate work from home business resources out of necessity, but are discovering a fortune in personal and financial satisfaction overall. Creating a home based business travel agency may be your personal fortune found. If you have an interest in this field you certainly cannot go wrong looking into it and finding out one way or another if this is a good fit for you.

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