Monday, January 31, 2011

Disabled Work at Home Opportunities and Resources

There are many disabled Americans that would like the opportunity to work at home. I have located several resources for disabled Americans. These work related resources can provide you with information as well as contacts or networks that can assist you with working from home.

If you are receiving disability benefits from the government for your disability, you may want to contact the Social Security Administration for Disabled Americans to determine if working from home would affect your benefits that you are receiving or will receive in the future.

The Social Security Administration does have a website available that you can review to determine if this specific information is available. However, by contacting their offices directly you may receive additional information and have any other questions answered to your satisfaction.

Those of us able to work from home without a disability to take this information and review it and understand that we are more fortunate than others.

these are the links to resources that may be of assistance;

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