Tuesday, February 1, 2011

YouTern -internship an alternative to going directly into the workforce

For many entering the workforce, internship may be a consideration. In the American economy we still have 45% of young adults, under the age of 25 are still unemployed. Of those students graduating in 2010, 80% do not expect to have employment after graduation.

Without jobs waiting for those graduating and with the employment outlook bleak, plan a career path. Part of that path may be internship. There is a great new company YouTern that may offer a key to success. Consider an internship. YouTern is connecting companies with up and coming employees in the workforce.

YouTern connects your skills and talents with the company that best matches your strengths. You don’t have to research through pages of companies to find the one that fits you, YouTern does all of the work for you. In only takes minutes to set up your account with YouTern with their easy-to-use Web 2.0 interface.

Their website will provide you with more information for those that are considering internship with companies on the web.

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