Sunday, January 30, 2011

Work at Home Jobs-Typing and Data Entry

The most work at home jobs that many show interest in is typing or data entry. Basically with much of the information on the web, these jobs are most of the time scams.

Please consider other work at home opportunities that are available. The closest you will probably get to these would be a medical transcriptionist or medical coder and biller. These are jobs that are available through many online job postings. Another similar job with more variability in the job itself is the Virtual Assistant. The Virtual assistant, unlike the medical coder, medical biller or medical transcriptionist has many more responsibilities other than typing. In addition, the Virtual Assistant is usually on a different schedule than the other three jobs listed and must be available for the client at almost all times.

On the site, you can review a video with inclusive information concerning medical transcription services and how to get into this work at home niche. There are tons of jobs for medical transcriptionists online or you can create your own. Solicitation of many medical facilities, clinics and sole practitioners have need of medical transcription services. The website has a complete listing of the jobs available on their site.

They also have detailed information of any training necessary, where to obtain that training (which is available online as well as a brick and mortar building in your community). You may not need the training but it will definitely make you an asset to any company.
If medical transcription services aren’t for you, consider transcribing for other companies. There is a success story from a subscriber to the website for transcribing for

Be very careful and aware of the scams that are on the web for people that are interested in typing or data entry at home. Check this website for the scams and also for additional information concerning jobs that contain typing and data entry at home that are more specific than general information. You may be surprised and find something that you enjoy.

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