Friday, January 28, 2011

Building a Successful Blog or Website

When you are working at home there may be times when you need a blog or website to advertise your work at home information or promote your products and ideas. This article outlines helpful tips to assist you with doing just that.

These tips for building a successful blog or website come from Incomediary. I have shortened the information for this particular posting. However, Michael has come up with some of the most excellent information that I wanted to share. Michael is a 21 year old, dyslexic drop out and he asks if he can do it, why can’t you.

·         Get your Blog or Website on Line as quickly as possible.

·         Choose your theme
Michael personally recommends WooThemes

·         Customize your blog or website design
this can be accomplished by visiting, a design forum or SitePoint, Digitalpoint and WarriorForum

·         Adding logos, favicons and further customizing
Woothemes has a terrific source for customizing based on your niche. However, the other sites indicated are also great

·         Install plugins and other features
Podcasting plug in-add a player to your blog
WP-ContactForm-basically a contract form and really simple
Comment notifier-an RSS feed for comments-this alerts your subscribers of a new comment
All in One SEO Pack-makes optimizing your blog much easier

If you haven’t already done so, get AWeber account. This account is essential when you start building your email listing.

·         Creating a contact and About page
These two pieces get most of the traffic. Include a contact form when creating this portion of the blog. Include an email link and all of the social sites that you are on. You can add a page if you are using a plug in with this code

·         Styling blog and website posts
Most if not all bloggers use visual editor to create their blog posts. However, look at code in html. You may discover some things.

·         No leakage rule
Don’t leak your site out unless you receive a commission earning. Consider selling your blog or website ad space directly

·         Find Affiliate Programs that Actually work
There are $1000s of dollars to be made with selling to affiliate programs. A bit of the products that Michael utilizes is ClickBank and ComissionJunction. Ask yourself if the page would convince you, if not, it’s not for you.

·         Creating your first affiliate post
He used Market me Tweet. Write a post on the product and then soft sell. Whenever you mention Twitter in other posts, refer back to the Tweet

·         Adding recommended products and becoming an affiliate. Use EBay,, and Google AdSense. However, these are my preferences

·         Add an advertising marketing spot to your blog
You may find an advertiser that wants to add his content on your site. In this case you can charge them for the service or space.

·         Create an affiliate comparison page

·         Adding your funnel
For additional information and the rest of the sources Micheal reveals, see 

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