Sunday, February 13, 2011

7 Part Time Family Business Ideas

I am always searching for new ideas for this particular blog and finding them. Some of my finds come in the form of terrific authors on the internet. One of my finds has been an author by the name of Reza Brandano. I read an excellent article that he provided on

Reza created a wonderful article on 7 Part Time Family Business Ideas that are exceptional.

When considering a family business, you can look beyond your immediate family. It can include inlaws, sisters, brothers, parents and basically anyone else you consider "family".

Many times there are pros and cons to being in business situations with family. Carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages of starting business with family. These are usually people you have an intimate relationship with. If tough decisions need to be made concerning the business, can you make them? Will there be hurt feelings that may make your holiday dinners slightly uncomfortable? If your business is very successful, what other people would you enjoy sharing that success with other than the people closest to you?

Please take the time to review this article and leave feedback. For any of my readers that have went into business with family, we want to hear from you also.

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