Thursday, February 10, 2011

Have You Considered a Call Center Home Based Business?

Outsourcing has been a mainstay for many companies over the last several years. Not only are they outsourcing to overseas companies but they are also outsourcing to companies and indiviuals in the states. One of the opportunities for outsourcing is call centers. Companies are attempting to accommodate their customers with the capability to have order-taking, sales and problem solving.

Companies find that when they have outsourced their call centers to home based businesses they have lower turnover, better educated and more loyal workers than their counterparts that are found inside of the companies call centers.

Payment is usually for each minute the worker spends on the phone if you are employed by a company for call center service.

There are disadvantages. Pay is typically around $8 an hour and the calls come slowly at first. The lowest incoming calls are tied to order taking companies. The better paying jobs require some type of sales skills.

Some call centers require that you have a dedicated phone line and a high speed internet connection.

Several call centers that employ home based workers are;

·         Alpine Access
·         LiveOps
·         Arise
·         West At Home

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