Monday, February 7, 2011

Resumes Have Taken on A New Look

The traditional resume is still a valuable tool in searching for employment, whether home based on in the marketplace. However, there are alternative sources to the traditional resume.

Many persons and businesses use resumes. The resume can serve as a tool that sums up your professional experience. Many use it for obtaining employment but it can also be used for acquiring new business prospects, a new position or other business related opportunities.

This article will provide additional information for those job seekers that may wish to explore these alternatives to providing others with a summary of your professional experience.

There are quite a few professionals that find their previous experience and work in digital space. If this is your personal experience, in place of the traditional resume you may be interested in a Visual VC. The Visual VC Resume has the capability to obtain all of your interactive work in digital space, bring it together and format it for presentation in the form of a resume with link content such as Twitter, blog posts, presentations, etc. Some users of this particular type of content add diagrams, tables and graphs which can really spice up the subject matter of the Visual VC.

This is usually best when the company you are applying with is progressive enough in technology to accept the Visual VC or when the applicant has a great deal of his professional content in the form of digital space and the position is related to this form of work.

A Social Resume is an excellent way to display your work by capturing online conversations related to your professional experience. Capturing your online conversations can display your work content, potential and ethic in the form of a resume. This is useful depending upon what type of position you are manufacturing your resume for. Similar in some form to the Visual VC, the Social Resume focuses on the current content of your professional life instead of the traditional resume that focuses on your historical content of work experience.

This type of resume can convey your potential instead of your experience. Showing what you are capable of doing instead of what you have done in the past.

LinkedIn profiles have been used in the place of traditional resumes as Social Resumes. This provides professionals with your connections and involvement in your particular niche or communities that you are involved in. Simply providing a LinkedIn URL address permits you to see an element and facet of the applicant that would otherwise be missed with a traditional resume. It is simple to update for the applicant and easy to use.

Video resumes have also been provided. These have recently come forth. However, making a value added video can be a make or break for many applicants. For example, if you don’t have a lot of experience with this form of application online, you may want to reconsider this form of resume. You need a high quality video to present the best of yourself and your work. Many add slide shows and other information in the video image information.

Consider adding this to a traditional resume as part of the package instead of a resume by itself. This may work better for you.

The advancement of technology has provided various opportunities and capabilities to present your resume. With the employment marketplace saturated for many positions, you may wish to be the one that stands out from the crowd. Be different from the rest and leave them with the WOW factor.

If you have the knowledge to provide a nontraditional resume, put your best foot forward and do it.

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