Saturday, February 5, 2011

Are You Someone That Enjoys Helping People? These are the Top Jobs for You

If you are someone that enjoys helping people there are jobs that fit your niche. Employment can be very enjoyable in these positions if you appreciate helping others.

Doctors require a lot of schooling and many can no longer afford the cost of the education to be in this field. If you can sustain the grueling years of school and exhausting and demanding four years of internship following your graduation, this is your field. However, if you would like to be in the same field and providing similar services, consider being a LPN (licensed practical nurse) or RN (registered nurse).

The nursing field is continually growing and you can be assured that you can take this particular education to any country or state in America and find employment in this field. Nursing are demanded in every community whether the population is 500 or 5 million. Schools are found nearly everywhere and there is nothing in the prospective future that the trend of hiring in this field will slow. The schooling is a fraction of what is needed to become a doctor and you can work while you work on achieving a higher degree of nursing. For example, you can begin with something as simple as a CNA (certified nursing assistant) which requires a couple of weeks of school and training and further your education to a LPN or RN.

Social Worker
This is one of the most difficult jobs that you can find. Many go into this line of work with the mind frame that you will always be helping people. You will but you will also have to make very tough decisions in the process. Social workers need a thick skin in many situations because there are some people that you are helping that may not see it the same way. The pay isn’t the greatest for the work that you do but the world needs you. There are different categories of Social Workers depending on how long you would like to stay in college and what degree you are interested in.

Ministers, Rabbis, Preachers, Priests and many others, all of these spiritual leaders are needed in every community. Always in the news you hear about the bad apples in the bunch. Remember there are thousands of great ones that help people each and every day. They lead people that need them. They give to their congregations and followers. They feed the hungry and homeless. They provide hope for those that need it. Most of these leaders attend seminary school or its equivalent. Some have achieved Masters or Bachelor’s degrees in Religious studies. This is another field where you won’t find a lacking of need. However, in order to build a following and congregation many years of hard work may be involved depending upon which denomination you choose to follow.

All of these are jobs that are excellent if you would like to help people. However, many require you to give more than you may receive in return. All of these jobs are jobs that can be done from home or working in the home of someone else.

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