Saturday, June 18, 2011

Are You the Type of Person That Can Work From Home

Working from home can make a tremendous amount of sense for some people. This is a huge decision for many that make the transition from an office space to working from home or even from a homemaker to starting a home based business.

When thinking of working from home the first benefits that are seen are financial. You don’t have to spend money on commuting from home to another location to complete your workday. Self-employed persons really see a savings if they happen to rent or lease an office space when relocating to work at home.

In addition to the financial side of working from home many miss the people side of working from home. In other words, are you a good person or employee of a business that is well suited personality wise to work from home? This is a subject that deserves some insight before taking the leap to work from home.

For the employee or self-employed that are easily distracted, working from home may cost you money. Some employees find it difficult to concentrate when they have background noise or activity. If you find it difficult to focus when you have other activities going on around you, this may not be the ideal setting for you.  If you are able to multi-task, this is great. However, if you find yourself loading the dishwasher instead of finishing the article that has a deadline this may be a move that should not have been made.

Make certain you can discipline yourself to stick to a work day schedule. In other words, don’t allow yourself to work into the wee hours of the early morning if this is something that you wouldn’t do in your office. Being tired and overworked will also costs you and the quality of your work to suffer. Take breaks; eat a healthy lunch and take days off just like you would if you worked out of the office. Don’t allow working from home to take advantage of you.

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Procrastination can also occur for some people. They will allow the flexibility of working from home to take over and put off completing task. These are people that don’t follow a schedule, but instead of overworking they are underworking.

There are some couples that find being together more than they are used to or constantly doesn’t endear you to each other. In fact, the opposite can occur. Even having an unpredictable schedule of starting and stopping work and put a bump in the marriage road.

If you have the work ethic along with a personality that can sustain working alone without direct supervision working in your home may be a nice fit. If you can remain focused despite outside distractions and have the ability to complete work as scheduled working from home may be terrific,  healthy and fitting for you and/or your company. 

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