Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Working from Home Can Save Your Company Money and Increase Productivity

The benefits of working from home have been seen by many people in various industries. Working from home has been shown through studies to be great for companies saving money as well as increasing employees’ productivity. What’s not to love?

Depending upon what industry you are in there are many employers that allow their employees the option of working from home or coming into the office daily. Many organizations and companies responded to a bill passed by Congress that required agencies to establish policies for employees to work from home. Along with the technology that has been developed today you can work form nearly anywhere and still be connected to the “office”.

The Telework Research Network study summaries and frames the benefits to smaller and medium companies that allow “telework” or their employees to work for the company from their homes. The benefits were tremendous for the company in addition to the employee.

The companies that allowed employees to work from home saw savings of almost $11,000 per year on average for each employee working from home. Not only did the company save dollars but the productivity of employees at home was up almost 30% of those that came into the office every day. The study reflected that working from home was a win/win situation for both the company and the employee.

There are dentists, attorneys and many other professionals that have taken residential homes and turned the entire house into an office. Why not have your employees work from home saving the company money and increasing productivity?

There are all sorts of benefits that working from home can provide to the company. Imagine the amount of sick and personal time the company saves with employees that have family or other commitments that can be worked around working from home versus the office. There are areas of the country that have horrific winter weather where ice or snow covered roads not only has employees that cannot make it into the office for work , but their lives are endangered going to and from work when the weather is not conducive to travel. Working from home and not using transportation, private or public, is helping our country go green and saving on carbon emissions.

The benefits of working from home certainly outweigh any downside. Providing the opportunity for your employees to work from home is a great way for any industry to get ahead. 

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