Saturday, August 6, 2011

FushionCash. com for Work at Home Business Ventures

I am monitoring some of the work from home sites that I am discovering on the web from time to time with you my most severe critique, the audience here at Work At Home in the US. This latest and greatest is

Fushion Cash is a get paid to try free site (GPT). This particular site has advertisers match up with people to try their products. Consumers that try their products or services, also known as offers, provide feedback to the company. It is a win. Win for both the advertiser and the consumer. Instead of creating commercials and guessing what the customer wants, the advertiser matches the consumer with their product and finds out what they really think.

There are several different types or levels of Fusion Cash.

These are things that newbies start with. Free things to try and provide feedback on. Entering your name and email address gets you started on the Fusion Cash road. You will only get paid if the information is valid so make certain you are providing real information for the site. There is typically a 30 day wait to cash out your money to make certain the information and person testing their products or services is real.
These are usually surveys, newsletters, sign up as a member of a site, etc. expect payment to be anywhere from 50 cents to $5 for each completed offer.

Advertisers will pay to get the information they need from you and also to get members to their website. This is the easiest way to make money with Fushion Cash.

Risk Free Trials
Risk Free Trials are a little harder than the freebies. This is the most profitable way to make money with Fusion Cash and the GPT industry. You will be paid for trying free offers for example, Netflix has the offer to try free for 30 days and then cancel. The payment for trial offers is $5-$100. The only set up is remembering to cancel the offer before your credit card is billed and many people are skeptical about using their credit card for any type of offer.

One way to get around this issue to purchase a prepaid debit card and charge the information to the prepaid card until the trial period is over. Invest about $50 for the credit card and go for it.

Don’t sign up and cancel after a couple of hours. If you do, you may be banned or fired from the company. The credit card companies are actually interested in selling you their merchandise. Try it for the full trial period before cancelling and watch the checks roll in. many FushionCash customers advise the will try it for half of the trial period before cancelling.

Fusion definitely receives a 4 out of 5 stars because of the work and the pay. However, you must meet a threshold before payment is made out of your account.
Anyone that has worked or is currently working for Fusion Cash, please share your experience with us.

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