Monday, August 8, 2011

The Customer Advantage Scammer or Not

There is a new job that has popped up with the work at home job opportunities, the Customer  Is this a work at home job scam? When there are really hot opportunities out on the web, there is always a copycat. Some are great and compliment the original. Others are copycats and are not a good thing.

There was Coke and then there was Pepsi, there was 7-Up and then there was Sprite. Customer Advantage is a company coming into the market capitalizing on the discount/coupon business. The first company that tried and made a success of this phenomenon was Now Customer Advantage is trying to do what Groupon does, but hasn’t made a success of it.

How is Customer Advantage doing? They aren’t doing very well, but they are still a young company. There has been prelaunch since the last quarter of 2010 and are still trying to get a grip on a portion of the industry. The original launch date was to be February of this year. However, there was a change in the companies servers, a hold occurred with hiring staff and finally a personal issue occurred for the owner. They are hiring staff, but they have failed to send coupons to their customers or members. Are members likely to come back and use the service if they haven’t received coupons or discounts in over a year? The chances are more than unlikely, but stranger things have happened.

There have been great pools to get people to get on board. For example, they offered customers 1000 co-op spots that still remain unfilled for $75. You can leave the recruiting to Customer Advantage. From the 75 people, you would get 15 for your down line for their credit or co-op.  These are still not filled as of today. They still haven’t launched their site officially.

Without the official launch of their site, it becomes more and more unlikely that they will launch. In June there were two cities that received coupons, Boston and Bellingham, VA. These were considered test markets so we really cannot say they have launched.

They added Ft. Collins, Co and decided they would launch with a 5% signing bonus and 2% for the down line. We have yet to see this buyer/Customer Advantage pay.

This buyer or company Customer  is not listed as a scammer yet. However, they are a big delayer. If you decide to take a route with the company for a work at home job, please let us know how things turn out for you. If you signed up with the original recruitment, please share with us.

At this time, I would not recommend this company and would give them 2 out of 5 stars. I am giving them one star for not being on the scammers list and one star for some sort of effort. However, they are falling way short of any sort of recommendation from Work at Home in the US.

Thank you.

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