Monday, August 8, 2011

Quick Tate-Scam or no Scam

Quick Tate-Scam or no Scam

Is Quick Tate a Scam? This is a transcription company that has been in play since 2008. Transcription is the name of their trade. This company pays their customers to listen to dictation or transcription from medical or legal service providers to be typed into text format.

Some transcription is typically harder than others. For example, legal transcription is more difficult than medical transcription. These are two types of transcription that generally requires some type of training.
Transcription services are basically the only legitimate typing job found on the web today. It’s consistent and legitimate at the same time which makes it a higher sought after position for those wanted to do typing work from home jobs. These jobs aren’t available in great numbers for jobs on the web. However, they pay decent money for the work being provided and can be easily completed for the work at home employee.

Quick Tate does not appear to be a Scam and offers legitimate work from home careers or jobs. They don’t provide a lot of openings because most people that get this type of job, stick with it. The hours are great, the pay is decent and the work is sustained.

i am rated them four out of five simply because these jobs are difficult to come by provided pic for this blog

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