Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Top 10 Reasons to Work At Home

Many people that elect to work from home do so for a multitude of reasons. Although income is certainly a popular factor to choose to work from home there are certainly other motives involved in the decision to work from home.

These are the top 10 reasons that people that work from home give that motivates them to elect to have their office space at the same place as their home address.

1.       More flexibility
More flexibility doesn’t mean you can goof off all day. It does mean that you are able to set your work hours, vacation and keep production and quality where it needs to be. You don’t have overtime if you don’t want it and find you can spend more quality time with the people in your life you care about.

2.       You are the boss
This is an advantage or disadvantage depending upon the work you do and your work ethic. Being your own boss for many is liberating. For those that are able to work independently and flourish this is ideal.  For someone that cannot stay on task and focused this can potentially turn into a disaster that is simply waiting to happen.

Along with being your own boss, the buck will stop with you.  You are responsible for everything and everyone. If there is success or failure you will be accountable for it.

3.       Freedom to do what you want
Freedom to do work you are vested in with passion is something that cannot be discounted. Many workers that don’t enjoy their job will not commit the same energy or creativity that can be seen in something that a worker loves or appreciates. However, that same worker in an environment that they relish will thrive and their work will most certainly reflect it.

4.       You have a voice
A lot of employees, especially for large organizations, admit they feel they aren’t being heard nor have a voice in administration decisions and choices as well as the work itself. When you work from home you are the voice. If you determine a better way to handle an issue or procedure it’s done as soon as you want it done. Having a voice gives you the feeling of power and makes your investment in the work so much more.

5.       Power over your income
Working for someone else limits the amount of income you are able to enjoy. You are constrained by what salary is offered or given to you. When you are your own boss, the sky is the limit for your income. You are only limited by how much you want to make or can earn.  You can retire when you want or work until you feel you no longer want to.

6.       Helping others
Many people that make the decision to work from home do so to help others. They are in a position to do work that is not so much along the single nature of big business and profits. You can work in a niche that is better for the greater good. You can create a non-profit organization or work to construct grants for the needy. There are thousands of different industry opportunities to help others when you work at home.

7.       Cost savings
Working from home permits many to save money. You can save on the cost of childcare; you save on the cost of transportation and fuel. How about not spending money for lunches out of the office or having a work wardrobe and one wardrobe for home? Thousands could be saved depending upon what it cost for you to work outside of your home. That money can be invested into other things you care about, want or need.

8.       Creativity
Creativeness is a freedom that many desired and have realized when they work from home. Your imagination and ingenuity can be seen with being your own boss. Ideas and concepts that you imagined would never be realized are on the horizon when you are the one calling the shots.

9.       Networking with like-minded people
When you find yourself sitting in the driver’s seat of a business or company you will generally work with others that are in your same working community. Networking is an important part of having a successful business. Knowing what is going on within your industry is a must and communicating with people that are part of your industry helps everyone within the area. No business is a vacuum that works without touching other similar business prospects.

10.   Global footprints
With the internet and the ability to work from home many young entrepreneurs find themselves working with numerous contacts around the world. Whether you are working with a supplier in Argentina or a software engineer from Germany you are on a different level than you imagined when you were sitting in your cubicle in the office.  

For some working globally is a benefit they never anticipated and others envisioned they would work globally to achieve goals for their company. A positive impact can be made when we work globally.

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