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What Massage Therapy School Costs

Small business startup costs play a role in what small business many businesspersons would like to start and how soon they can begin their work at home business money coming in. Startup costs are the amount of money they need to begin a small business and hang their open for business sign on the front door. One of the small business opportunities that many people question the startup cost are home based massage therapy.

There is a ton of work from home business entrepreneurs with an interest in massage therapy. They view massage therapy as a legitimate workfrom home business prospect. However, these same small business capitalists are stopped in their tracks because they need to know the cost of massage therapy schools or massage therapy training which is by far the largest part of their startup cost.

Massage therapist education resources and requirements can vary. Depending on what state you reside in or would like to have your small business can make a difference in the amount of massage therapy education you need to start.

Part of becoming a massage therapist is finding out what education you need to identify yourself as a massage therapist. There are massage therapy schools in nearly every state. If your state doesn’t have one, the chances of finding one in a neighboring state or very close by are extremely good. Needing to know what a massage therapy school costs is extremely important.

Tuition for massage therapy school
Massage therapy school tuition has a variety of ranges. Tuition varies from state to state and can range from $6 to $17 per credit hour.  The average across the nation is close to $10 per hour. A great example of what you can expect to pay for massage therapy school tuition depends on whether or not your state has massage therapy licensing criteria or not.

States that have massage therapy licensing criteria will generally require a massage therapist to have 500 credit hours to receive certification. This translates with the average $10 an hour to about $5000. Many massage therapy schools will even include the massage therapy table in the cost of tuition. If your tuition does not include a massage therapy table and you wonder about the cost of a massage therapy table, expect to spend approximately $500 to buy a massage therapy table.

Financial Aid is available
Financial Aid is available for massage therapy school. Most of the financial aid to assist students with massage therapy school certification is designed for accredited massage schools. The Financial Aid available includes both school loans and college grants that don’t have to be repaid.

Students attending an accredited massage therapy school should investigate the following for Financial Aid or help with paying for massage therapy school;
·         VA or Veterans Administration has been known to assist Vets with the cost of massage therapy school
·         FASFA or Federal Student Aid for any student in America attending an accredited college or institution of higher learning
·         Private Loan Financing from massage therapy schools
·         grants and loans from all across the nation related to massage therapy

 Dont let not knowing the actual cost of massage therapy school stop you from your home based business plan of action. Find out the necessary information of your massage therapy education startup business cost as soon as possible. 

This is a list of Accredited Massage Therapy Schools
This is a list of Accredited Massage Therapy Schools by city 

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