Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Massage Therapist is One of the Best Home Based Business

Many people that are interested in starting a work from home business are continually searching for legitimate work from home business opportunities. They are available and they are out there for you. However, I will say there are also a fair amount of scammers. These are people that want to take advantage of the small home based business owner that is trying to start a legitimate home based business.

There are hundreds or even thousands of home based business opportunities. Massage therapy is a recession proof home based business prospect that lots of people have shown a considerable interest in.

Covered by health insurance companies
Massage therapists are now covered by many health care insurance companies which has made the business continues to grow and expand.  Having these services covered by health insurance means you won’t have to chase customers down for payments, have an enormous account settlement list or wait for outstanding creditors to pay what they owe as a small business owner. Health insurance companies will process your claims and send your payment in the mail like clockwork.

This doesn’t mean that there won’t be paperwork or contract negotiations and requirements that go along with the perks of having a guaranteed payment system coming in your door. Though, the paperwork will be worth seeing a consistent source of income from your small business opportunity.

Customer based that is guaranteed to repeat services
Massage therapy is a medical service that is repeated. No one will have simply one massage. Even if you are receiving personal massage for relaxation you will get another one after you receive a great massage and recognize the benefits.

Patient’s that are under the medical care of a doctor will not visit a massage therapist only once. This is a small home based business that will guarantee you repeat business or repeat customer services.

Not a lot of startup costs
Don’t require a large amount of capital for startup business costs. Massage therapy will see the largest amount of capital or monies invested in their education. However, there are times when grants and other higher education assistance can make even this cost reduce drastically or eliminate it.

Massage therapists have their massage table and other portable supplies that can generally fit inside of an average size duffle bag which makes the startup costs extremely inexpensive. This is a great small business with not a lot of startup costs.

Relatively easy certification and education
Not every state in our nation requires massage therapy certification or has the same educational requirements. There are some states where a couple of classes will certify you to open your own massage therapy small business. Investigate the exact requirements for your state for certification or education required to start your work at home massage therapy venture.

Different locations for your home based business
If you happen to be a home based massage therapy business and would prefer that patient’s did not come to your home, consider going to your patient. Massage therapists generally have portable tools for their trade that are easily transported. Massage therapists that would prefer to see a patient in their home versus the massage therapist’s home is certainly an option.

One added benefit to having your massage therapy home based business in this type of arena is you can increase your customer base. You will have your regular patient's that are mobile who you provide therapy in their home as well as other patient's that are not. For patients that are home bound and cannot come to the massage therapist home for care it can certainly positively increase your work at home wallet.
As well as having more patients for your business the chance of a patient missing an appointment and costing you money are significantly reduced.

Massage therapist is one of the best home based businesses at this time for a number of very good reasons.

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