Friday, October 5, 2012

Stay at Home Parent Advice for Working from Home

Tons of stay at home parents that would like to spend more time with their children soon discover that working from home doesn’t offer the flexibility that they believed. In other words the disruption of a schedule focused on working with large blocks of uninterrupted time can actually take away from the duties that small children require from a stay at home parent. This is a little advice for stay at home parents for working from home.

Babies happen to be the most challenging for stay at homeparents. Until a child is about 2 years old the parental attention they require is enormous. The flip side of the coin is the attention a stay at home parent wants to give is also massive. Generally speaking, until a child is about 5 years old the one on one time spent with a child and parent are potentially the most important 5 years of a person’s life.

For children that are older, especially school age, give parents the power to schedule big chunks of a work day focused on working from home. Older children are not only more self-supporting, but they are also spending time with other family members, friends, sports and activities outside of their parents. The main focus of a child’s life is moving away from a parent as a child grows and matures. This certainly doesn’t say that a child does not require parenting supervision, love and attention. Stay at home parents of a 13 year old are just as important and vital as a stay at home parent of a 7 year old.

This is generally when stay at home parents see the most success. Discipline and focus are needed for any prosperous employment opportunity. Stay at home workers with larger areas of their work day uninterrupted generally thrive more which leads to more satisfaction in their work and home life along with more money working from home.  However, children are full of unpredictability no matter how well their schedule is structured and what age they are. A child’s needs are priority for any great parent over any job. In reality until children are basically self-reliant most stay at home parents discover lots of disturbances in their working from home models.

Work at home parents that elect to venture into the realm of working at home can do several other things to make parenting and work schedules come together. Elect deadline favored work versus hourly oriented work. This means that instead of choosing to be paid by the hour and possibly missing out on the dollars, you can have a deadline of a couple of days or a week to complete a task and work your parenting schedule around that.

Stay at home parenting and working from home can coexist together with victory. Remember that working from home is actually working and remind your family of this. Getting a schedule and workload that permit both to coexist peacefully may be trial and error. Construct a workload around the age of a child.

To get to where you want to be as a worker at home is possible, but can be a bumpy road at times. Stay at home parent advice for working from home is truly treasured. For any parent that would like to share more valuable information with others, please feel free to do so.

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