Thursday, October 4, 2012

Avoid Getting Less Done Working from Home

There are a number of people that have advised that many people that work from home, actually get less done working from home. Therefore, before you quit your day job or consider doing remote work from your home office-read this. These are several reasons why you could end up getting less done working from home.

Working from home is a wonderful opportunity for a lot of people and for others it has become a necessity. With our current economy for jobs in a downswing, many workers find work from home jobs make sense at this time. Yet, lots of these same individuals have discovered some pitfalls along with the bonuses for this choice of lifestyle for making money.

Face to Face is a Must for Some

Depending on what type of work you do at home there may be times when the office is better. For an example, if you happen to work as part of a team that has a lot of face to face meetings to achieve goals for your work then the opportunity to manage this part of the job may suffer. Although technology has provided us with support such as Skype, sitting in the same room face to face is not the same as Skype.

Did you know that smart people tend to bounce ideas and innovations off of each other and this same effect is not felt with technology connections for work at home people using items like Skype? Consequently, those working from home don’t have the same type of connection felt as those sitting across from each other at the same table collaborating. Crafty teamwork simply isn’t felt the same as when persons are in the same room. Face to face meetings for some home workers are a must for successful work.


Distractions are always present for persons working from a home office. Whether a distraction is manageable or not is the difference between success and failure for work at home job opportunities. Whether you have a deck with a beautiful view of the ocean lake that you try and work off during a nice summer afternoon or the dog that needs to be taken out and walked several times a day, don’t allow distractions to keep you from getting less work done working at home.

Distractions are generally regarded as the number one reason why many people don’t or won’t work from home. For workers that have accomplished the goal of working around disruptions that move you away from getting work done your work from home prospects and success are boundless.

Missing out on some important office gossip

This particular side track is more for the remote worker than the individual entrepreneur. There are times when office gossip is actually of importance. Lots of gossip is part truth and part myth. The key to getting the most out of it is to know which is which. Office gossip can be used to an advantage in some instances.

A wonderful example is finding out what is coming down the pipeline and being prepared for it. Office gossip can put you ahead of the pack in some situations. If you know something is coming your way you can certainly be prepared for it. This can endure you to your boss and coworkers depending on the circumstance.

Another great instance is finding out that you need to diversify yourself or you work to keep a position. Some gossip will reveal company changes or adjustments being made and being in the know can keep you in the paycheck.

Have an ideal living situation

Having an ideal living situation for working from home is important to some companies. Did you know there are some companies that will ask questions of possible candidates that will work from home? These questions and how they are answered could affect whether you are hired. Various companies will ask about a worker’s living arrangement. Who do you live with? Do you own or rent? Is this a short term accommodation? Do you have a separate home office set up? These are important questions many that are deliberating working from home should also ask themselves. How these are answered can be advantages or disadvantages when you choose to work from home.

Companies are searching for folks that are settled and consider this a plus. Most companies want workers that treat working from home as a job and put the work as a priority. Anyone that treats working from home as a permanent vacation won’t get far with these particular companies and generally in making money working from home.

In conclusion

These are several reasons why numerous people find they are getting less done working from home. Don’t allow these practices to touch your production and income as a stay at home worker. Find ways to avoid and get around them when you work out of your home.


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