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The Best Work at Home Nursing Jobs

Work at home jobs for a variety of different industries is on the rise for one reason or another. Some entrepreneurs are picking this time to get started working at home because of the changing economy where jobs and employment pickings are getting slim and for some because retirement is not an option. Some jobs are better than others for telecommuting or working from home. If you happen to be a nurse, L.P.N or R.N. there are some best work at home nursing jobs available as an opportunity for you.

At first glance many nursing job opportunities appear to be hands on and not very applicable to the stay at home or a work at home nursing job environment. This is not necessarily true. Nursing can be done in a variety of settings and forms including working from home or telecommuting. Some nursing opportunities that fit this category are telephone triage, assist with assessing patients health concerns over the phone for physicians’ offices or hospitals and insurance companies along with providing general health advice over the phone for insurance and other companies that want to provide these services to their employees or beneficiaries. Nurses even telecommunicate for case management.

Different work at home nursing jobs 

Writing for a work at home nursing job
If you are a writer or have writing abilities you can earn money working from home as a nurse by writing or creating written content. You can write for different publications or websites that are tied to the health and healthcare industry. Some companies are hiring nurses to write articles on specific topics or information they would like to see published and as a writer you can earn a great income working on your own schedule with much more flexibility than is usually found in the nursing industry. Work at home nursing jobs for writing are extremely attractive. Many people would actually categorize these nurses as freelance writers in many circumstances.

Web services are work at home nursing jobs
The web is a wonderful place to have a nursing degree. Companies are interested in nurses that can provide live chat support for the healthcare industry. Answering emails and other web related communications for physicians or pharmacy companies provide nurses with a new platform for income.

Health insurance company or pharmacy offer work at home nursing jobs
Health insurance companies have a variety of duties for nurses that they can perform in as a work at home for pay job resource. Many are targeting beneficiaries with chronic health issues and making a proactive approach to have a nurse working for their company contact these insured individuals and work with them to manage their case for cost benefit containment. For instance, a nurse may work with a patient that has diabetes to coordinate any in home nursing visit services, their physician, their medication, their blood sugar levels and make certain the patient has all of these individuals working together to keep them as healthy as possible with outpatient. Keeping the patient out of the hospital will benefit the patient and the insurance company with the correct case management.

Health insurance companies may also ask a nurse to review claims for quality assurance before paying benefits. Health insurance companies can also use nurses on a telecommuting basis for flu shots and other services provided on site. Pharmacies would also use nurses along these same lines. Telecommuting is found quite a bit on the pharmacy front where mammograms, bone scans and flu shots are things provided several times a year at pharmacies such as Walgreens. Services were a health care professional is needed, but not at the level of a doctor.

Doctor’s office for work at home nursing jobs
Several doctor offices and even hospitals will have a nurse line for telephone customer service. A nurse line is usually an option available for patients that call the office and need to speak with a nurse. The nurse can be a go between for the patient and a doctor. Many patients have questions they would like answered concerning their medical care and a nurse is the best source. Nine times out of ten nurses can usually answer the question and it is not necessary to actually speak with a doctor. This is convenient for the patient, saving time and money, as well as for the doctor, not spending their time on the phone instead of seeing a patient that requires their level of expert care.

Nurses usually take these calls from home. No patient contact is needed of this position. If the nurse feels the patient should be seen in the office, they will advise. In addition, if they feel the doctor should answer their questions, they will pass the message on to have the doctor visit with the patient.

There are also phone calls to patients that should are made from the doctor’s office to patients that should be performed by a nurse. Test results, setting up surgery dates and delivering some types of medical communication can be done by a nurse without hands on care. This is one of the best work at home nursing jobs. 

Visiting nurses and respite care for work at home nursing jobs
These are nurses that work for a medical provider company and visit patients for nursing work in the patient’s home instead of the patient coming to the nurse at a separate facility or office. This is hands on care provided by nurses and could be categorized more along the lines of telecommuting instead of working from home.
Visiting nurses will typically work for a nursing service or company when they provide this type of work. 

However, you could work independent of an agency. However, working through an agency is beneficial for several reasons. Nurses that work with an agency can usually obtain health insurance and other benefits with group rates through an agency as a much more inexpensive rate than a private individual policy. Numerous patients receiving Respite or in home nursing services are covered by Medicare or Medicaid for health insurance. These are two forms of insurance coverage that requires service providers to be compliant with their guidelines and approved prior to care being provided. Working with an agency that is already compliant or approved for Medicare and Medicaid, gives you a much wider customer base as a home based nurse provider. In addition, if anything isn’t compliant the company is responsible and not you personally.

Agency work will generally require you are paid through the agency as a regular employer. However, you will have much more freedom with the hours and care you choose to provide patients. Imagine that you would like to care only for patient’s that are mobile and require more housekeeping assistance than medical assistance for this work at home nursing job. 

You are able to take a client or refuse them. Working at your local ER would never warrant a nurse this type of freedom.

Nursing from home can certainly be done and is very lucrative work with an enormous variety of work available for you. 

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